Saturday, June 26, 2010


A question was raised :

Prehistoric, fossilized
Under layers of unearthed civilization
There lies in seclusion
A monolith of
Dreams and Disaster
Waiting to rise above
The ashes
Like the Phoenix
Will you be there to witness
The upsurge?
The volcanic eruption of
Inflamed thoughts and
Turbulent emotions
Which refuse to remain
Confounded, dormant
Under age-old
Taboos, stigmas and
Will you be there to
Give a hand
In silent agreement
Of what was
And what could not be
Therefore what is
And what will become of
What remains unexplored
Will you be there?

The answer :

FOR YOU............
This monolith of dreams
This relic of disaster,
Will prove to be the visionary
And will create a castle faster.
A castle that shall house
The echoes of the heart
The voices of the soul
And eruptions of the thought.
When like a Phoenix you rise
I shall hail your soar
And witness your voyage
With delight galore................

Obviously, the retort excelled the query

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