Thursday, March 26, 2009


The question that is bugging me since I have started blogging is how honest and truthful one should be on the blog. The unwritten ethics of writing a diary is that you should pen the absolute truth because diary is like your own self. While, one may hide one's feelings from the outside world but confronting your own self one should not be hesitant to admit the naked truths.

A Diary also enjoys certain amount of secrecy i.e. you can keep it under lock and key, away from prying eyes, if you feel that the "exposed" you is cocooned in its folds.

But blog is not a diary. It can be invaded by anyone............. read by any one............. and most importantly it allows "perfect stangers" to record their opinions..... which may or may not always be very subtle...................may be completely uncalled for and hard to digest..................or perhaps on a more optimistic note, I may, at the same time, grudgingly acknowledge the remote possibility or chance of encountering a complete new vista of thoughts and perceptions, hitherto unenvisioned by me or having diametrically opposite shades to mine.

The ifs and buts in the situation being overwhelmingly predominant at the moment, the bugging byte continues to nag.................

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am blogging!!!!!!!! This is my first entry. I am aghast. Me?????????? Blogging????????? I would always associate blogging with "big" people. "Big" meaning the celebrities who had such a lot to say about anything under the sun and people would gatecrash into their blogs to get a peek into their private worlds of thoughts and things. Intrusion, I'd call it. Intrusion into one's personal space.

And today, lo and behold, I am putting in my first enty in my OWN blog. Horrendous!!!!!!!!!! I who wouldn't even keep a diary lest anybody at home gets hold of it and comes to know of my intimate musings. I am blogging, JUST IMAGINE, with the full knowledge that anybody can enter into my space and "nose around".

But may be somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind I have this thirst for venting out.........pouring out my likes and dislikes, my thoughts and beliefs, have an intimate chat with my ownself and no offence if a third party ventures in and pokes around as long as I am just a blog, just a few typed words, formless, nameless(??), faceless........till then happy blogging!!!!!!!

"Jisse bhi dekhiye woh apne aap mein gum hain, zabaan millee hai magar humzabaan nahin milta". Most probably that is why............... blog my friend blog.........