Wednesday, June 30, 2010


The ravines of your eyes
Fathomless, bottomless
Hooded, a shroud of mystery
Forever, never mine
Lurks a mischief somewhere there
A poorly suppressed smile
Twinkles in the lashes
Plays hide and seek
Like the sun’s rays
A rainbow of colours,
Dancing on the
Shivering leaves
Throwing off waltzing, lusterless
Patterns on the side wall
Of my verandah
I sit in languid leisure
Watch the day traipse by
Measure by measure
The night prowling in
Innocent as an imp

I chase away the shimmering smile
The mischievous glint
Those yearns of unraveled pleasureful stints
Of ephemeral glimpses, perennial veil
I let swim past the glimmer of hope too
As aeon has passed by
When we met and parted
Wordlessly amidst a crowd
Of wandering souls
Now just a fading, ethereal sigh of
Remembrance torments me,
Tickles me at times
Like a call from faraway wilderness
Or a long forgotten tune
Like a child woken up from dreamful sleep
More like a stranger
Trespassing a foreign land
Stealthily, silently
Whispering a sshhhhhhh
In my ears fleetingly
Leaving a secret behind
For a moment
Or dropping a hint like a
Droplet of dew, weightless

A mute gesture of unspoken reality
“Don’t try to catch me, clutch me,
Clench me, cling to me, cajole me,
Caress me or hold me
In the crook of your palms
With delicate, longing warmth
Let me flow by
Let me row by
Let me swish past
Like a wisp of a mindless thought
I am just a song of the wandering
Gypsy, a breath of a breeze,
A homeless, helplessly happy
Prancing stream
A skulking shadow of the
Widowed past
A distant dream of yore;
I shall tread by
Softly leaving not a clue
Or footprints to follow suit
As time flees by, one day
You’ll wonder wistfully
Perhaps a little amused too
Where are those days gone?
When we had met and parted
Wordlessly though…………….”

The relics of the past buried
Deep in the heart wake up
From slumber
As night ambles in
With a moonless frown
And tortures me
In wordless speech
In soundless noise
In the stillness of echoes

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