Monday, April 13, 2009


I have more recently been introduced to the world of Ruskin Bond and I must admit I am enjoying it thoroughly. His storytelling is simple, yet gripping. Plots are uncomplicated and yet novel. His descriptions of the scenic beauty of Mussoorie and Dehra Dun are vivid and easily transports the reader to the daunting hills and the winding valleys..............the Deodar and Pine forests, the clear water springs and the limitless, undulating stretches of greenery, bringing in the fragrance of a world long lost and overpowered by the vices and vagaries of jet-paced modernization.
In his foreword, Ruskin admits that he has been influenced by Satyajit Ray's writings and on more than one occassion, this is discernible and at times quite pronounced. Ray's storytelling was almost cinematographic. So is Ruskin's. Both have the God given ability to creat a powerful feeling of nostalgia and at times an odd almost eerie sense of deja vu.
I have finished reading "Seasons Of Ghost" and I wish to explore more.
But I would really like to know whether Ruskin is the writer's real or pen name. Could it be an abbreviated version of Rumplestiltskin ?
I wonder..............