Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The sun-baked sand dunes of Sahara where the wrath of Apollo converged on the lens of my camera with such abundance that the mirror cracked from side to side and I had to take recourse to my mind's eye! The smouldering flames lashed mercilessly on the golden crust of the earth so much so that the landscape gasped white with fury.

The thorny, thirsty bushes thrust their arms towards the sky begging for a few drops of mercy. But the date palms pushed up their heads arrogantly challenging the raging blaze.

The minuscule bowl of molten ice evaporated in a giffy. In a far away distant land a mirage of green swayed lustily. As I pulled on wary and weary in a tattered black robe, my scalded feet left indelible prints on the golden grains.

The vultures hovered close greedily guarding their prey. I was nothing but a mass of barbecued flesh and charred bones. A molten pulp of candle wax in a furnace of cascading lava.

As I licked my parched lips and closed shut my scorched lids, I saw a gigantic swirl of aquamarine. Wave after wave tumbling, lashing, swaying and sashaying and then making way for another swirling gush of lathered shower. Soon the deep blue foamed liquid parted and there rose amidst the sky high roller coaster of water, a sparkling, scintillating chariot of white drawn by seven, snowy,sinewy horses, galloping out of the depths of the labyrinthine sea green and blue.

Drawn were their reigns by a pair of powerful arms. Veiled was the rider in a flowing gossamer sheen which hid his face but not his power or presence. As he stepped out of the ocean spluttering huge droplets, they flew out one by one where I stood and I stooped low to pick them up in my palm. As I did so I realized that those were not acquarian drops but strings of milky white pearls scattered and broken out of their shells.

I opened my eyes to velvety darkness with a pleasureful shudder. My room looked mercifully ordinary after the playful hues of scalding gold and tempestuous blue and Greecian figure was just a bubble of vapour disappearing in the coal blackness of the night.

I sighed deeply and closed my eyes again soon to be submerged under the sequined blanket of euphoric dreams.

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