Friday, June 25, 2010


Being the Godmother of all stray dogs and puppies in my locality and having a pet of my own, I happen to frequent the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital for Animal Care more than I care to visit any other Hospital. In the beginning, I had a few misgivings about the kind of care and sevices which would be provided there. But these soon dissipated. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Vets dedicated and caring and the assistants efficient and helpful. Though, the Hospital needs to be updated to a large extent in terms of beds, equipments, etc. But even within the limited infrastructure, the services rendered are exemplary. It is here that I also realized how much Delhites love their canine friends. On one such visit, I found two young girls bringing in a dehydrated, emaciated puppy who naturally had to be put on glucose. The OPD having limited beds which being all occupied, the puppy was laid on newspaper sheets on a stone bench outside the OPD building with the glucose bottle hung by the branch of the tree next to it. The two girls spent hours fanning the puppy and driving away the flies. The doctor took several rounds to see how the puppy was doing. It was a very touching scene which brought tears to my eyes. During the same visit, I found a father and son bringing in an adult stray dog wrapped in quilt for treatment. Most probably the dog had a leg injury and was bodily carried in. I also found families donating quilts, mattresses and other items so that the inmates could be provided with proper beddings. I have heard that the hospital receives large fiscal donations as well which I only hope are properly disbursed towards better facilities and medical care for our animal friends.

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