Friday, June 25, 2010


A soft new bud is blushing to bloom. I hope she blossoms with all the colours of the rainbow. When the sun shines on her soft petals, a velvety sheen may spread around so that my garden takes on a new palate of hues and shimmer. When she is in full bloom, her fragrance may fill the air, making the birds itch to chirp more cheerfully and the bees hum more beautifully. I shall then softly tread in lest I disturb the arrangements so carefully put in place in all its vigour, beauty and bounty. I shall prayerfully listen to what she has to tell me. The secrets of life and love. Perhaps success too. I shall listen to her carefully so that she wants to tell me more. I shall bask in her glory and try experience eternal bliss through her poignant lores. Oh! there is so much ahead and so much more. This is just a beginning of a new found friendship!!!!!!

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