Friday, June 25, 2010


I was super excited with my transfer from Noida to Delhi after 8 long years. Though a Delhite must get used to the expansivenss of the idea of residing and working within the NCR, it was more than a psychological relief when I was posted back in SCOPE Complex,where I was based eight years back. Delhi meant lesser commuting time, easier departure schedule from home to office, more time with family and less tension (of transport) when working late in office. I was sadly mistaken. SCOPE of eight years hence was a rude shock. I was unpleasantly surprised to see the serene and organized landscape of SCOPE marred by potholes, bad roads, disorganized traffic, scanty parking space and the resultant haphazard spill over of parked vehicles on the main roads, in fact, wherever, there was an iota of space which could be grabbed. As a result, just to move in and out of the Complex every morning and evening is an exercise in dilligent and time consuming maneouverings. Nowadays, it takes equal time, if not more, to commute within Delhi as it takes from Noida to Delhi by road. To top it all, a sudden downpour or the monsoon bouts and indefinite stranded existence in claustrophobic interiors of public conveyance is an invariable consequence. To add to the misery is the multiplicity of constructions, road renovations etc taking place in view of the upcoming Commonwealth Games. This is not the Delhi I knew. At the same time, it is also a fact that it doesn't take much time for the city to bounce back to shape. We have seen that happening earlier. So, however, slapshod, disruptive and disorderly the makeover exercise may be, we hope to see a more beautiful, organized and upbeat Capital in a few months to come. Till then patience must prevail.

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