Sunday, March 27, 2011


My nephew "A" partied hard last night. It was unusual but there it was. Whim and fancy of youth, I suppose. It was a farewell jamboree at his college. On counter thought how could anybody celebrate a farewell with such Bohemian delight? In the final analysis, you were parting from each other. Weren't you? Anyway this piece was supposed to be a breezy one and I wouldn't allow my poky nosed philosophies to intrude unasked. But then all invasions had this gatecrasher's dashing, dizzying, dishoom-dishoom entry. Hadn't they?

Now coming back to where I began. My sister and brother-in-law went to bed early that night confident that their son would intelligently use the spare key with him to get in whenever the nocturnal adventure drew to a reluctant end. Now all adventures had such uncompromising inevitability about them. Well! Let's forget that...In the dead of the night B-I-L woke up with a start, walked up to "A's" room to find the bed empty. Such midnight revelations were always so goosebumpy, yaaarrrs!!! You see, "A" had decided, on the spur of the moment, not to return home and put up with one of his buddies at the hostel coz it was awfully late but as absentmindedness would have it, he forgot all about informing home at the right time.

B-I-L ne aao dekha na taao, now, now, please don't ask me to translate that in English because my colonial legacy is not so stretchable after all. So coming back to B-I-L - he mobiled "A" to give his fatherly piece of mind , oooh. thankfully, at last, well that's not me saying but it's my sister who said that while recounting the whole tempest in the tea cup to me later in the day with the appropriate background noises and score. The next thing we knew was a drowsy "A" knocking at the door.

The celebrity couple were ready to dish out a pair of their pieces of minds together to their off spring when they were quietened by the most important and buzurg like figure of the house, Mr. Snow Boot, who barked, howled and hollered at "A" from the car park to the door with such ferociousness that the family for once could not help but think he'd most probably be tbe long lost judwa who went his own way in the local mela last year and not the humble gentlemanly Snow that we all knew of.

Later in the day, in a calmer mood, "A" confided in me that the experience was exactly like listening to Jab We Met's Dadaji (Darji) LIVE. Remember the ever horizontal Dara Singh whose opening dialogue was " hamein ek nazar mein hi pata chal jaata hai ke ladka ladkii ke beech mein kya chal rahaa hai." Wellll! It was when "A" was just about to leave the room that lightening struck my blinking intellect (and not internet, my dear friends) and pop came out the query, "Yeh ladka to theek hai par yeh ladkii kaun hai?" My nephew who by that time had realized that he had blabbered quite a lot just let a fleeting smile yell on his tightly pressed lips like Tom (of Tom & Jerry fame) when trapped under the window shutter and exited leaving a thick fog of suspense behind.

I was going to pursue the matter with him like a nagging, inquisitive aunt that I was but suddenly one of my rarest brainwaves shook me guts up,"Why not ask the omniscient Snow who knew ek nazar mein...........and all that blah blah" But one cocked left eyebrow from me and Snow just growled a hmmmmmmmmmm and walked quiet sedately out of the room. Just like the censor board with thickly knitted brows issuing an 'A' to some cunningly -cooked-up-controversy-ial movie. Snow might as well have brandished the sickly green certificate at me. Tujhe bhi dekh lenge Snow!!!!Acting elderly unh huh?????

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