Friday, April 01, 2011


A scorching summer noon! Our car screeched to a halt at a traffic light. The car AC was ineffective in the boiling heat. Sun’s sizzling rays struck the charcoal bed of the road like lightening and shot back thousand prismatic shards dazzling the eyes. The tinted glass windows were a lame excuse for the heat and the light not to sneak into our car. We sat inside the blast furnace sweating and fuming as the signal took its own sweet time to change.

Suddenly a strip of a figure sprouted from the pavement, jumped sprightly on the road and broke into a dozen somersaults amidst the rows of waiting cars. After completing two rounds of sprints she stopped near an SUV and begged for alms to the driver. The car windows of the big monster (read SUV) were open. I could see the driver engaged in a light conversation with the girl not more than seven or eight years old. Her hour glass like figure and kohl laced eyes could be an envy of any girl her age.

From the wordless gesticulations I could make out that the man behind the steering wheels refused to give her money on the pretext of not having any change. All of a sudden the man threw back his head and laughed. The girl smiled too and headed towards the other cars. I wondered whether it would be correct to hand over a few coins in those soft palms. This was not begging. She was asking payment in lieu of her performance though uninvited. I wished some resourceful entrepreneur or NGO could explore the possibility of utilizing the untapped potentials of such nameless artistes going waste at traffic signals. In this country of teeming billions such unidentified talents were not rare. Perhaps giving them alms might crush their desire to move further forward. Was there really any future of these unknown performers who scalded their limbs on seething asphalts to earn a few coins from an unwilling, impatient audience?

As my mind raced from one thought to the other, from one possibility to the other, from one regret to the other, the traffic lights changed colour and our car swiftly swerved towards the left. I tried to see the summer flower blooming on her own, without the love and tenderness of careworn hands in the midst of thirst ridden, sun baked dunes. But she was busy kissing the fiery roads bent on all fours oblivious of a pair of misty eyes which were riveted towards her. As our car dashed through the traffic I gradually lost sight of her but her burning image stayed with me for a very, very long time reminding of many more summer flowers that I had seen strewn carelessly on the road side by unknown hands who had scripted their fate with charred quills.


  1. I agree how many such unfortunate and unnoticed talents are there in our country, and if they are noticed and nourished what a difference it can make in their life!! A thoughtful point and observation, and also a beautiful narration...!

  2. Thanks a ton Lakshmi for the lovely comment!Yes, an organized upliftment of the downtrodden and hidden potentials abundant in India will make so much difference not only in their respective lives but also to the entire nation and perhaps the world that we are living in presently.

  3. Geeta Ji,


    What you saw is an easily and very frequently visible scene on the roads of Indian cities and towns. Definitely a pity. Young talent go waste in our country in several ways. Patrons are no longer there to identify these uncut diamonds biting dust and shaping them into precious jewels. If only I could do something for any such person, I will consider myself as fortunate.

    Just citing a line from a SHER -

    HASRAT TO UNN GUNCHON PE HAI JO BIN KHILE MURJHA GAYE (I am sorry for those buds which withered out without blooming into flowers).

    Jitendra Mathur

  4. What a wonderful comment Mathur Sahab! You have value added to the post with your beautiful sher. I am so glad you visited and to note that you suffer the pain of these dusty roses with me. Thanks a lot for the peep and the sympathetic appreciation.

  5. I'm touched Shree! Since so many of us can identify where lies the hole in the boat, then the only alternative we have is to get started mend the hole. Shall we!

  6. My answer is a big yes! Regards