Sunday, July 04, 2010

I AM...................................JUST ME!

I am nameless, I am formless,
I am the clue, I am the clueless,
I am weightless depth of the depthless,
Subtle, insouciant, seamless,
I am the motion, I am the rest,
I am the worst, I am the best
I am the course, I am the crude,
I am the delicate beneath the lewd
I am seen and unseen
I am lost, I am found
I am void, I am vision
I am opaque, iridescent
I am paradox, I am paradigm
Pandemonium survived
I am just a nothing within without
I do not leave behind
Imprints on the paths,
Traveled and trampled
Ageless, withered by time
I am the space amidst the clutter
The unrest beneath the flutter
The breeze that feathers
Your fingers and hair
Ruffles and flames ignite
I am the calm, I am the disturbia
I am the bleak, the euphoria
The most coveted Utopia
Of the craziest uncrowned
The silence of the night
The blinding daylight
I am the hole gaping wide
Within the cosmos,
The cipher amidst
The wonders of celeste infinite
Interruption amidst flow
The high of the low
The genius in the slow
The invisible amongst the visible
The intangible within the tangible
The mystery of the unknown
The untold that unfolds
In speech unwound
And unheard stillness
Jarring the cacophony of sound
The bizarre, the mundane
The latent, the uncontained
The deception, the disdain
Of Nature, unfeigned
I am the genesis, the climax
The imperceptible, the flux
The immortal, the perishable,
The mathematician’s constant
The unraveled, the unrevealed
The unfathomed, the inveigled
The unquestioned, the unanswered,
The unlearnt, the unsaid, the untaught
The obvious, the evident
The hidden, the provident
The rebel, the subservient
The ceaseless, the lasting full stop
The ultimate query
The quintessential sought
Quaintly escaped, invincible, unfound
I am just a whim, a whiff or just a wish
A hint, a whisper or merely a swish
An idea of a thought till now unthought
The invaluable amongst value
The lapse in creation
The now, the by-gone,
The unseen apprehension
The significance heightened
By smeared insignificance
The perfection of all imperfect around
I am the doubt, I am the question
The dilemma, the delusion
The fallacy, the submission
The anomaly, the vexation
The enigma, the realization
The anonymity, the fixation
The rapture, the rhapsody
The thirteenth note of melody
The unseen hue of rainbow
The myth, the misnomer
The misinterpretation of thought
The absolute, the relative
The awakening, the sedative
The negative, the positive
The sanity of mind unsound
I am everything I am everywhere
I am nullity and nowhere
I am shapeless, I am sculpted
I am cherished I am neglected
I am merged and unmerged
I am vivid I am amorphous astound
I am the quantum leap
The boundless bound
The horizon, the periphery
I am chained, I am shackled
I am tied, I am unruffled
I am looming large, I am scot free
I am captured, I abscond
I am faith, I am belief
I am hope, I am relief
I am the gorge, I am the cliff
I am disaster, I am the zenith unscaled, unsought
I am the chronology, I am the blank
I am sullen, I am frank
I am barren, I am dark
I am subtle, I am stark
I am the inspiration behind all creation profound
I am the breath inhalation
And the exhalation
Also the halt hesitant breath bound
I am the light years conquered
And conquests defeated
Of light years beyond
I am intimate, I am distant
I am fatigue, I am persistent
I am perpetual, I am insistent
I am incessant, unleashed deluge vagabond
I am the finite of infinity
I am a miniscule oddity
I am the rationale of irrationality
Wisdom of the seers
Blunders ill found
I am the order amidst disorder
Or the disorder amidst order
I am cyclic amidst linear
Parallel in intertwined
I am complex, I am contrast
I am simple, I am abstract
I am the momentum of force
I am the all eternal source
I am the thesis, anti-thesis
I am meiosis, mitosis
I am vacuum, I am ether
I am stagnant, I dither
I am sustained, I am growth
I am a curse, I am the oath
I am the disgruntled, disillusioned, demoniacal hound
I am the seeker I am the found
The creation as well the destruction abound
I am the discovery, the invention
The necessity, the prevention
The devil, the evil, the sublime,
I am ancient than time
I am divinity lost unto thine
I am the delta, I am the summation
Of entirety of perception
I am the abnormality of normalcy prevalent all around
The penultimate, the Golden Mean
The continuum undivide
I am many amongst all
And one amongst many
In the final analysis
I am…………. just me

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