Thursday, April 01, 2010


I want to inform all the dog-lovers and pet-owners that Neosporin Eye ointment works wonders for dogs with opthalmic infection and heavy discharge. Mr. Boots had red eyes for a very long long time which refused to be cured even after course of antibiotics not once but twice and innumerable canine eye drops and boric powder wash.

Then I had a brainwave and one foced daub of Neosporin the redness mellowed to a husky pink like a wisp of memory left behind by the melting evening sun. Applied two-three days more, the discharge stopped.

So dog lovers and pet owners of the world unite and unitedly use Neosporin E.O you have nothing to loose but the soreness of your adorable pets' eyes but of course under advice of the Vet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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