Tuesday, March 02, 2010


26 degree celsius. Time evening 5.00 ish. A day rolling surruptitiously into dusk. Cool air. Quiet roads. A range of green hills giving company from afar.
When the aircraft was hovering close to Mother Earth just before touch down, I saw a silvery yard of silk with silent ripples embroidered on it sashaying through the green forests. I wondered whether it was the Brahmaputra.
The car whisked us past the outskirts of the city. Tall trees. Setting sun. Barmy breeze. A hush of the nightfall.
A white intricately sculpted monolith. A half lit sacro sanctum. The blinded eyes of the Lord. The impish glitter of gold and silver. A chant of prayers. A lot of blessings. Cold marble under the feet.
Late evening. A sea of faces. Unfamiliar, unknown, friendly and smiling. Late dinner.
A quiet night.
Early morning. Hurried departure to workplace. Busy day.
Mellow afternoon. Slanting rays of sun on swaying foliage. Winding roads. Birds chirp. Soft gold sunshine. Peaceful. Laid back. Unhurried.
Try though I hard, failed to trace the grains of dissension.
A quick peep into the Far East............Hmmmmmmmmm once is not enough

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