Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Sachin has once again made history scoring 200 runs in ODI beating all other erstwhile records which were none-the-less marvelous attempts but failed to reach the magical milestone of a double century. This historical feat has been attained after 39 years! The last record which was smashed to smithereens was of 189 runs by Sanat Jaisurya. Sachin pushed in the extra 11 to outscore him. The 200 odd runs comprised of 25 fours and three sixes adding up to 118 runs and the rest 82 were made of singles, doubles and occasional triplets. The quadruples and sextuples were thrown in-between as humble offerings of superb craftsmanship, an accumulated collect of years of dedication and not as boastful bragging.

And that’s how, my friend, history is created. Unhurried attempts of constant and never-ending improvements underlined with deep and unwavering conviction punctuated by master strokes and artistic deliveries at the opportune moments. While Sachin has out-beaten all, the contribution of his predecessors is none too meager. Yesterday’s historical record is the result of cumulated efforts of Sachin and his predecessors over a period of more than three decades. Sachin’s being the cherry on top of the layers of cream piled on the score-pie.

Here’s a lesson for contemporary rat-racers whose endless spree of record achievements is by way of running against time; a series of hurry-scurry-grab-grope-kill; skillful short cuts and willful ruthlessness; marauding the lesser mortals in the way who are never-the-less considered arch rivals and stiff competitors in the survival-of-the-fittest game.

Who would teach these passionate pilgrims that things happen when you are ripe for it? You get what you deserve and not what you demand.

Sachin’s final missive to the world was his super-stroke when he lifted his bat skywards, after securing the decisive run(s), saluting the Master-Player up above, acknowledging the greatness of the Penultimate Source of courage, conviction and creation.

What we get is what He gifts, the rest is just an excuse……..

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